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Boomerang Impact gives back with upcycled, handmade, eco friendly and fair trade, bags, handbags, and purses and gifts. Boomerang Impact, Buying Gives Back ®

Sustainable items help the environment

Sustainable items can change the environment and improve lives. Alimocan Jennifer’s life changed after war when she started to make sustainable products.

Sustainable items help the environment

How sustainable can change people lives

Before the war Alimocan Jennifer had a sustainable life. She was married and had typical difficult and challenging problems. Her husband would buy blankets in Sudan. Everything worked well until the rebels punished him for buying the blankets. Things really began to change for the worse.

The rebels started to kill people and the family had to flee to the IDP camps. In the IDP camps life was not sustainable at all. There was hardly enough food for anyone. They were eventually able to leave the IDP camps. Life started to be better and more sustainable.

Alimocan’s husband started to work for the church in Uganda and life improved. He was able to help put their seven kids in school. Alimocan was able to farm in her village which helps to make her life reach a sustainable level.

Alimocan is proud that she was one of the first ladies beading. This has helped make her life more sustainable. She really enjoys her teaching opportunities. They help to teach her how to manage a business and share with other people. As she moves toward a sustainable level she can save money for her family.

In a perfect world, she would like to become a teacher and educate children. The education through the beading helps her toward her teaching goal. She is very happy her children are able to stay in school. She dreams of living a life, more sustainable, where she can educate herself for teaching.

Help us make a more sustainable world today