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Traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia visiting The Killing Fields and The Royal Palace

Sadness and Beauty in Cambodia

 Kids bringing smiles to The Killing Fields Memorial

Kids bringing smiles to The Killing Fields Memorial

I have experienced many extremes throughout my travels. They hit me the hardest in Cambodia. I am sure you would feel the intensity if you ever make your way to this unique destination.

I traveled from Vietnam by boat; unfortunately I did not learn about the best place to sit until the end. I climbed up to the top; a little surprised that no one stopped me. I was the only one up top with plenty of room, a nice view, and a light breeze.  You should always try to sit on the top of the boat in Southeast Asia. Make sure it is safe first.

The next morning I knew it would be hard and depressing. I needed to see The Killing Fields. Unfortunately you need to see The Killing Fields when traveling to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They will leave you with a profound respect for life.

The Killing Fields take you to a time and place that your mind cannot even imagine. The Killing Fields has a building filled with skulls. The rest is a mass grave with signs pointing out important points of interest. Some of the mass graves are still buried and some have been dug up. I will never forget the killing tree for as long as I live. In order to save bullets they would use the tree to beat children to death. They even had a magic tree where they would ring a bell so the villages would not hear the screams and get suspicious.  Just when you think you cannot handle any more you also learn that they would pour chemicals over the graves. This seems harmless enough until you learn they did this to kill people that were buried alive.

Later in the day I went to see the Royal Palace. This was completely opposite of what I head seen earlier in the day. The top of the building looked like it was layered with gold, with immaculate gardens all around. I thought the inside was even more impressive than the Palace of Versailles. Seeing the Royal Palace really showed me what Cambodians will accomplish if they are given a chance. You will very rarely see a more beautiful building in all your life. This is one of many reasons I support and sell Cambodian products. You can make a big difference with one small purchase. 

Buying Gives Back