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Boomerang Impact gives back with upcycled, handmade, eco friendly and fair trade, bags, handbags, and purses and gifts. Boomerang Impact, Buying Gives Back ®

Handmade and fair trade is more powerful together

Handmade and fair trade has the power to change many lives. Handmade gifts have helped change Aryek Anjulina’s life. Giving her a chance to succeed.

Handmade and fair trade is more powerful together 

How handmade is changing the world

The story of Aryek Anjulina is one of hope and redemption. A story of how handmade items that give back can truly change someone’s life.

Aryek was living in a house with a beautiful garden and life was good. She grew delicious vegetables and her neighbors were always asking for them. In fact they were so good she was one of the most popular people in the village. She would use her amazing skills to craft handmade dinner for her husband and 15 children. Aryek would even have some left overs to share with the village.

Unfortunately her great life was not made to last. All of a sudden war hit her village. She never thought the war would reach her. Dinners with her handmade expertise became the least of her concerns. All she could think about was how to survive.

The next thing Aryek knew she was heading towards an IDP camp. With every step she thought her heart might break. She lost 11 children but was extremely grateful to still have 4 children to love.

Aryek eventually left the IDP camp and settled close to home where all her handmade dinner memories had come. Things for Aryek slowly returned to normal. As much as normal can be after a war that took many lives and opportunities away that had sustained families.

Aryek Anjulin was extremely grateful for the things that helped her village return to a more normal lifestyle. Aryek started to make beads out of used paper into handmade jewelry and purses. She used recycled paper to make beads for the items. Thanks to the handmade and fair trade opportunities, Aryek is once again able to send her kids to school and provide for them properly.

During the holidays she is always busy making Christmas gifts for people in the states. The extra money helped as she is paid a fair trade wage. Each item is a unique handmade treasure with her special touch.

Aryek still remembers her childhood, the happy home with 5 sisters where her mom was always available. She dreams of a home like that for her children and grandchildren. She continues to work hard on the handmade creations. She hopes the job is always available, so she can have a comfortable life again.

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