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Boomerang Impact gives back with upcycled, handmade, eco friendly and fair trade, bags, handbags, and purses and gifts. Boomerang Impact, Buying Gives Back ®

Handmade Nepalese Medium Purse / upcycled bike tires

Handmade, eco friendly, fair trade, upcycled from bike tires, medium purse. Handmade in Nepal by disadvantaged individuals.

Handmade Nepalese Medium Purse / upcycled bike tires


1. Eco Friendly & Fair Trade

2. Straps-bands-bottom support, from used bike tires

3. Shoulder strap

Handmade & Fair Trade

4. Inspire artisan families with a brighter future

5. Break the cycle of poverty

6. Build unstoppable societies & economies

Eco Friendly & Upcycled

7. Support eco friendly solutions

8. Reuse materials to save earth

9. Marvel at the items upcycled into your bag

Measurements: 13" L  13.5" H  5" W  12.5 " D

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