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Boomerang Impact gives back with upcycled, handmade, eco friendly and fair trade, bags, handbags, and purses and gifts. Boomerang Impact, Buying Gives Back ®

Give back and change a life

Some people had it hard. Give back and give someone a chance to succeed. Lanyom Grace now has a chance to succeed, as long as people keep buying and give back.

Give back and change a life

Items that give back have changed Lanyom Grace’s life in ways she could only dream.

Buy and give back to positively change the world. One or our artists Lanyom Grace has been through very hard times. The opportunity to work has showed her the path to a better future. 

Lanyom came from a family with one sister. Life was different for them before the war. She and her sister went to school. Education would help her give back to her family. Throughout the war education was impossible.

Lanyom witnessed terrible things in the war. Lanyom and her sister witnessed their parents being burned in their own home. She was married young and had nine children. Lanyom hoped to give back and give her children a better life.

Later her husband was killed by rebels. She quickly learned that a single Mom with nine children would be very difficult. It would be difficult to give back to her children for a more comfortable life.

Lanyom got remarried and had three more children. She feels a great sense of freedom now that the war is over. All of her children are back in school. In providing a more comfortable life, Lanyom can give back more.

Lanyom also started going to school again. She is taking a literacy class and dreams of studying mathematics so she can excel in business. Lanyom works alone now and her second husband is living in a different location. Lanyom wants to bring her family together again. Then she and her husband can give back and teach their children a better way.

The beading group she works with has made life much better. The group together can discuss problems look positively to better days. Making handmade beads for customers who buy items that give back empowers her to provide income to help support the things that are significant to her.

Lanyom hopes to make money to buy an ox plow so she doesn’t have to work the land by hand. She plans to buy the materials to build a house. After war she feels freer and can grow into a more independent human being. Opportunities are possible as long as people buy items that give back.

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