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Boomerang Impact gives back with upcycled, handmade, eco friendly and fair trade, bags, handbags, and purses and gifts. Boomerang Impact, Buying Gives Back ®

Fair Trade is changing the world one person at a time

Fair trade can change the world. Lato Kelementina now has a chance to succeed and live a sustainable life. Fair trade can help one person at a time.

Fair Trade is changing the world one person at a time

How Fair Trade is making an impact that matters

It took Lato Kelementina sometime to find the true meaning of fair trade. There were dark times in her life. She didn’t think things would get better. At first she was fine. She had a husband who was a chairperson of the village. Her husband’s position in the village was of benefit until the war. She believes he was killed because of his position. Fair trade would benefit Lato later in her life.

After her husband was killed she was forced to hide in the bushes with her seven children. She would have to wait until sunset to run to a new hiding place. During that time she lost her mother, brother and one child to disease. As you can imagine she did not really see how things would get better, or how fair trade would change her life.

She eventually made it to an IDP camp where things got better. Lato feels she would have died without the government camp. She eventually moved out of the camp to Agwata. In Agwata she cares for her seven children and five grandchildren. Sometimes she struggles to keep them in school. There is just too much to do. She has faith that education will make such a difference in their lives. In addition a fair trade wage rolling beads, she plants maize, millet and cotton. She uses money from the crops to buy books, soap and clothes for her children.

She hopes for no disease and no more war. Lato hopes for more fair trade work as well. She dreams of having new clothes, to make her feel beautiful once again. She continues to believe the fair trade work rolling beads will continue as the money helps so much.

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