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Denver Merchandise Mart #1226
451 East 58th Avenue
Denver, CO 80122


Boomerang Impact gives back with upcycled, handmade, eco friendly and fair trade, bags, handbags, and purses and gifts. Boomerang Impact, Buying Gives Back ®

About Us

Boomerang Impact's company history of giving back by selling handmade, eco friendly, fair trade and upcycled bags made by impoverished individuals.

Our Company

  • Boomerang Impact was founded in 2013
  • Headquartered in Centennial, CO
  • Began wholesaling out of the Denver Merchandise Mart   01/2014
  • Started selling for one organization supporting Uganda   01/2014
  • Attended trade show in New York 02/2014
  • Sent representative to Chicago trade show to ensure product market fit 03/2014
  • Expanded from the front range to sell throughout the United States 04/2014
  • Launched online website for ecommerce sales 04/2014
  • Designed personalized studio to increase accuracy of product photos 05/2014
  • Started selling directly to consumers 08/2014
  • Specialized to only selling bags to increase focus on quality 10/2014
  • Sent employee to South America to access potential expansion 10/2014
  • Same day shipping of all orders received before 3 pm. Other orders shipped next day Year of 2014
  • Expanded sales to support 7 different organizations 02/2015
  • Sales support 5 different countries throughout the world 03/2015
  • Switched to a different producer to increase impact on people & planet 03/2015
  • Updated products to continually ensure extremely high quality 03/2015 
  • CEO began giving speeches about Boomerang Impact to increase awareness 03/2015
  • Begin selling only upcycled products to increase planetary benefits 04/2015
  • Offer free shipping & free returns resulting in more sales 04/2015
  • Begin importing directly from India in order to increase direct impact 04/2015